The APE Pre-Conference Day has always been smaller, nimbler and more interactive than the main conference. For 2017 we want to take this one step further. Together with you, we want to question ourselves where academic publishing might be going in the next ten years and how we get there. Publishing paradigms are changing and we see new companies and services joining the publishing arena. The Pre-Conference Day will be structured around two streams, with short introductions by experts. Then we will invite all participants to join us for moderated discussions, break-out sessions and feedback. At the end of the day we will have learned and contributed to a joint vision and defined key elements for Publishing 4.0.

Set-up: For the Pre-Conference Day we will ask all participants to become contributors as well. During the day. Round-tables will have each 8 – 10 participants who, together, will discuss the future of scholarly publishing. The idea is that we break away from the current boundaries and think disruptive.

;; Each session will start with a short introduction by one of the organizers.

:: Each table will discuss and interact on their given topics for about an hour.

:: After this each table will shortly present its findings centrally after which these findings will be discussed.

:: During the lunch-break participants can vote for the most interesting ideas.